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Design: Cubicle Design

In between Worlds, Marc Chagall and contemporary artists

KRONA museum, Uden, Netherlands, planned for spring 2021

International Artists shift between a world they yearn for, and the critique and doubts for a reality, curatorship and exhibition design  (in cooperation with Joel Cahen and Wouter Prins, director of  KRONA Museum)

Sherin Neshat

Sherin Neshat
  • Sherin Neshat
  • Marc Chagall
  • Masha Trebukova
  • Porat Salomon
  • Erik Jan van der Schuur
  • Hamid El kanbouhi
  • Ramaz Goiati
  • Raquel van Haver
  • Daniel Kiczales
  • Menashe Kadishman
  • Soody Sharifi
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  • ground plan B
  • ground plan C

Chagall's paintings reflect the worlds in which he lived and created: he lived in one city, pined for another, and imagined yet a third. In his unique style, he incorporated imaginary worlds with autobiographical elements and familiar places. A world populated by imagery of Russian icons and biblical figures alongside animals from the village he grew up in and his loved ones throughout the years. The arena he creates in his work contains the paradoxes between the various worlds.

Like Chagall, the artists participating in this exhibition live and create between different worlds, highlighting their juxtapositions. In a modern world that requires rationality and knowledge, they discuss the significance of tradition, faith or religion, and their correlation to daily life. They identify the human ills produced by social and religious rules to strengthen spiritual freedom, but which have paradoxically become means of restriction and oppression. On the one hand, they are influenced by cultural norms and social mores, but on the other – they dream of religious and spiritual liberties.

Artists: Marc Chagall, Hamid El Kanbouhi, Masha Trebukova, Daniel Kiczales, Porat Salomon, CANAN, Menashe Kadishman, Sherin Neshat, Soody Sharifi, Raquel van Haver, Ramaz Goiati, Erik-Jan van der Schuur