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Design: Cubicle Design

Gil Yefman


Tumtum (detail)

Knitting, sound, 200x200x200 cm., 2012

Tumtum is a mixture of genitalia, tears hanging by a thread, knitted caps, some of which are staring eyes and others in the shape of breasts, hearts and other organs. Yefman submerses with his complex knitting the separation of gender.

It is no longer clear which limbs belong to which gender. At the same time, he subverts laws of society and culture of what is acceptable to expose in public and what is not: to cry with tears in public is permitted, but to spill drops (from the penis) is forbidden. It is allowed to show breasts, but not penis and vulva!

More than anything, Tumtum, with its colorful and soft materials, creates the desire to hug it and afterwards to crawl inside the dark and yawning womb which is in eye height, right in front of you.

Photo: Elad Sarig