Ronit Eden. Concept & Spatial Design offers curatorship and exhibition design

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Design: Cubicle Design

Rietveld Academy, external assessor, part of the final team that evaluates the students. Amsterdam, 2021

Art as a Memory Agent, online lecture together with artist Michal Baror, The Association for the Study of Women's Art and Gender, Israel, 2021

A Good Artist Must be a Good Liar, ,keynote speaker in a symposium, Haifa University, Haifa, Israel 2019

Contemporary Israeli video art, a lecture, National Holocost Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017

While Meditating on War, opening speech, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017

The Museum as a Workshop,keynote speaker at the symposium, centraal museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2014

In Between Myths and Dreams, Contemporary art from Israel, orginizing a public discussion in the Film and Television Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2007 

Workshop: From Idea to Space, teaching designing an exhibition space, the Fontys Academie voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw in Tilburg The Netherlands, 2007 

The Story Between an Installation and a Location or Trixi and Pedro in Amsterdam, an article for the art department, Bogotá university, Colombia 2006 (article)

The Interior as a Space in the Dimension of Time, an international symposium at the Tel Aviv Museum, organizer and moderator, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2000 

Interior Architecture, organizer and moderator series of symposia, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2000-2002 

The Role of Museums in The 19th – 20th Century, a lecture at the faculty of architecture, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 2001 

Interior Design, giving a series of lectures at the College of Management, different cities in Israel, 2000-2002

Hans Hollein, interview and writing an article about the architect, published in “Architecture of Israel” magazine, Israel, 1999

Interior Design, giving a series of lectures at The Israeli Building Center, Gaash, Israel, 1998-1999

Museums Stories, a seminar, Arabida, Portugal, 1993 (giving a lecture)