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  • 17th May 2017, De Ateliers, Amsterdam


    Make no mistake, these are not parts of the witch’s house from the famous story Hansel and Gretel. These seductive pieces by Johannes Buttner are part of an installation that filled his entire studio. These constructions were surrounded by what seemed to be ruins made of plaster and bits of metal nets and rods, which prevent direct access to the cakes. And here, to get to the sweets, you had to pass some difficulties.  

  • 8th May 2017, Marwan ​Presents in Amsterdam


    Somewhere in a small attic in Amsterdam, Nick Fusaro gives us a glace of heaven. A young fig succeeded to grow fruit, while standing next to the window and searching for more sun. Although it grows in a pot and not in a garden, the combination of this unexpected tree in the center of the city takes directly to the Garden of Eden. Next to the tree, a small drawing hangs with images of other things that could be in heaven. The artist created with his this work, a glimpse of paradise in the center of Amsterdam.