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Design: Cubicle Design

Gilad Efrat


Untitled (detail)

Oil on canvas, 185X150cm., 2017

I brought the image closer to my eyes until the color fields lost their boundaries, then I pulled it away. I repeated this gesture several times, and with each time I did so, I discovered a new wave of images emerging from this complex painting.
The painting hints to a childhood landscape, or perhaps to glimpses of places I have once visited. Reflections in water or stretches of sky. A kind of jigsaw puzzle of past visions, rendered into patches of color; it's the artist's internal code for his mind's scenery. It has been said that memories often detach from reality to the point where reality loses its own significance. Efrat creates a whole world in his paintings. A world that holds memories, reality, and perhaps a possibility to dream of the future.