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Design: Cubicle Design

Hadar Gad



Oil on canvas, 160 x 360, cm., 2010

The cemetery gate in this triptych is painted slightly off center, subtly drawing our eyes and attention to it. For those who are unfamiliar with the site, it is not clear if the viewer is looking at the cemetery from the outside, or standing within its gates, gazing outward to the world of the living.

Our connection to nature - both the tamed and the wild - has undergone a fundamental change. Daily walks in gardens and public parks partially satisfied our need for serenity. On the other hand, the natural world, suddenly left without our constant intrusions, has begun a process of regrowth not seen in years.

 In this painting, the wild and the domesticated are interlocked. The richness of details blurs the boundaries between the two, creating a textured layer that unites them into one essence.