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Design: Cubicle Design

Hanna Qubty


untitled (Nazareth)

Digital collage, 59 x 45 cm., 2019

In Mary’s Well in Nazareth, water has not been flowing for a long time. According to the Christian tradition, Mary used to draw water there every day. According to that tradition, in this place, she heard the news of her pregnancy. Mary seemed to be the first and last to hear such a message there.
Near the well are the remains of a church that was destroyed, then restored; and then destroyed again, and again. History really tries to grasp tightly onto the place. The spring, which was a single source of water for the people of the city and the surrounding area, is no longer fertile; the source of water used by residents, animals, and vegetation, has become an arid tourist site.
The only evidence which was left are photos Qubty had found: group of women carrying jars water, smiling at those who are photographing them. The artist covered the jars with red circles, matching the dimensions of the jars in the photograph itself. Did he intend to "plant" a warning in the photograph itself? Is this manipulated photo a warning that also holy water like this one can be dry one day?