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Design: Cubicle Design

Hannan Abu-Hussein


Roqyah (talisman in Arabic)

Video, 7 min. film: Gabrin Rami, editing: Ann Dutch, 2018

The daughter, head resting on her mother's thighs, surrenders to the quiet murmur and repeated caresses. Expelling demons and evil spirits, The heart asks for one more touch, the soul awaits more comforting words. The artist Hannan Abu-Hussein is resting from her battles, her mother's words give her hope and strength.
From the very beginning of her artistic path, Abu-Hussein created territories and marked boundaries that defined her relationship with her family and with the society she grew up in. She called against the violence and enslavement of women by using materials such as kitchen knives, nylon socks and bed linen, and demanded her own freedom of expression to engage in women's sexuality.
Here, at her mother's feet, she takes a moment to restore her strength with her mother's words and love.