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Design: Cubicle Design

Hilla Toony Navok


A Present (golden hands)

Framed digital collage, wood frames, colored wine glasses on painted wall, 170 x 140 cm., 2016

In Chagall's 1931 painting, Interior of a Synagogue in Safed, the blue color floods the space's walls, floor and ceiling. In reality, there are only a few blue stripes in the space itself. But Chagall used this color to emphasize the place's sanctity and its spiritual ties to the sky - similar to the blue found on cathedrals' ceilings, or dominant in mosques' decorations.
In this work, the blue is the mystical material with which the artist sculpts. The Color creates the forms and the relations between them. Then, to the left, is the artist's personal gesture - a glass of wine partly painted in red, as if raised in honor of color and art.