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Design: Cubicle Design

Ilya Rabinovich


Institutes of the Jewish Community in Mexico City

Color photograph (mount  on dibond with a perspex layer in front), 60x60 cm. (edition of 5, signed and numbered),80x80 cm. (edition of 5, signed and numbered), 1999

This is a meeting room in a public institution, such as many others. Everything is ready for the coming meeting. In a few moments people will enter the room, move the chairs and sit comfortably, the table will be filled with papers and laptops. Sounds will envelope the air, voices of the people present in the room. The accurate reflection of the window on the table will tremble for a second and then will be absorbed by the people attending the meeting. That magical moment, the one that only the artist can capture, a moment of balance, perfection and wonderful voidness will disappear forever.