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Design: Cubicle Design

Keren Zaltz



Pigment Inkjet print on photo rag paper, 57x16.5 cm., 67x42 cm. (framed), edition 4 of 5, 2011

A woman is afloat, enveloped by steam-like smudges. One moment those smudges seem like the only clothes she wears, and in the next they form the aura that defines her.

The photographer Eadweard muybridgehas taken multiple photographs of the same woman. Saltz scanned the photos and edited them into a single image. By merging photos of diverse exposures she created a ghostly and mysterious woman whose existence is now uncertain, her identity remains obscure.

The artist utilises this technique to study photographs of canonical photographers. Some details disappear and some turn into smudges in this process, therefor the final result is always unpredictable. The intricate scanning method captures a new figure, sculpted by the artist.