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Design: Cubicle Design

Michal Sophia Tobiass



A site specific intervention, wood, plaster, chicken wire, jute cloth, iron, sacks of gravel, plastic bottles, branches, water, black pigment and whitewash color, 2018
(A documentation of physical research Each Body to its Own Mater).

A refined fusion of elements creates a hollowed sculpture that entices to curl up inside it in a fetus position and disappear within a cast womb. The artist Michal Sophia Tobiass delicately combined a material pleasant to the touch, with a space relative to the human body in size and height. An intimate and primary sculpture.
 For Tobiass, a former dancer and acrobat, sculpting in space is tied to the body moving in relation to the sculpture. The performance act within the object, whether commissioned or coincidental, is part of her ongoing study that examines the relationship between body and sculpture.
 The sculptor Avshalom studied various living spaces that can only fit one person, and created a series of objects to fulfill the most basic human needs of one person. Here, Tobiass has created a basic pre-utilitarian object. An embracing and protective womb that could fit anyone.