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Design: Cubicle Design

Moran Kliger


Untitled (The Descent)

Mixed media on paper, 120x300 cm., 2017

The artwork title clearly refers to Jesus' descent from the cross. But here, the figure's gender and its historical and cultural affiliation are obscure.

I was captivated by the artist's bold gesture. Often in the public domain, and especially in outdoor advertising, the models appear airbrushed and polished. In this meticulous drawing, the figure is devoid of any enhancements to her appearance.

We live in a time when cosmetic surgery, enlargement and reduction of body parts, hairless bodies, face lifts, liposuction, and drawn eyebrows have become the norm. The artist brings our gaze back to this figure, who embodies a contrasting aesthetic to our society's requirements.

Here, removed from the cross, she lies with her arms spread in absolute acceptance, her eyes closed in a peaceful expression. Accepting herself and her destiny, perhaps as we should.