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Design: Cubicle Design

Nurit Yarden


Ness Ziona Street

Photography, Fine Art print 57 x 46, 2013, (edition of 5)

While she wanders in her neighborhood with a camera, Nurit captures absurd incidents. Facades are reflected in one another when one is illuminated in the bright sun, while the other is lit by a lamp as the day comes to an end.
It is ambiguous, unclear if the shot was taken in daylight or is it a reflection of a picture that is hanging in the staircase. To complete the absurdity, a gold fish passes before us, leaving us amazed.
Walter Benjamin begins his book Flâneur (Wanderer) saying that knowledge of the city is not much, but to follow it when one is wandering and lost, that requires training. It seems as though Nurit found a way to get lost in her own neighborhood through her art work.