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Design: Cubicle Design

Porat Salomon


Leap into the void

Graphite and marker on MDF, 100X40 cm, 2013

Towards the end of the movie Thelma and Louise, the heroines face a crucial moment in which they decide to drive in high speed over the edge of the cliff into the Grand Canyon. A journey that ends with doom and liberation simultaneously. The instant in which they decide to end their lives, a moment full of grief, is also the moment of liberation, ascending into the air, physically and emotionally.
It is at that moment that the ropes of society, the demands of a relationship and the expectations of submissive or appropriate behavior all disappear into thin air.
In his work, Porat portrays figures in a state of ecstasy. Those are the moments of exaltation, after which, it seems, the leap into the abyss must follow. And with that leap, too, all the ropes of society are removed and the sensation of freedom becomes absolute.