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Design: Cubicle Design

Rafram Chaddad


Fish in, fish out

Mural, painting 70x25 cm., approx. work in progress 2008-2017

Fish symbolize various blessings, one of them is the blessing of plenty - a blessing for plenty of earnings, health, or joy. Here the blessing appears next to a house entrance as a hand holding a fish-chain.
The project began as a wedding gift to a couple, a known Tunisian Jewish custom, and developed into a work in progress titled "Fish in, fish out".
In this project, Chaddad is invited for a fish meal, cooked and served at a host's private home. In return for this hospitality, the artist offers a painting to express his gratitude.
A blessing follows a blessing, a ritual follows a ritual, across countries and cultures.
Whether the work is a blessing or a charm against the evil eye, and whether you believe it or not - the painting welcomes and blesses you as you enter and leave the house.