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Design: Cubicle Design

Rahmi Hamzi


Misbaha 1

 mixed media, variable sizes, 2018

At first, the beads deceivingly seem to depict open wounds, but on a second inspection it becomes evident that these are sculptured vaginas. Hamzi is toying with us: she knows we will come closer to observe and confirm what we imagine is true. She boldly sculpt vaginas on the Misbaha rosary beads, mostly found in the hands of a Muslim man, moving his fingers from bead to bead. 

Rosaries are used by believers of various religions, only this one is of carved vaginas. It seems familiar with its organic forms. Exposed by the artist, like plants' reproductive organs revealing their natural beauty in the daylight.

Clearly, this rosary will not be used to recite Allah's names. This new ritual device can serve as a reminder to the beauty of every woman's body parts. And a reminder of muted sexuality that must be replaced by its natural expression.