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Design: Cubicle Design

Ronit Porat


Mit den Augen des Nachtvogels (Through the Eyes of a Night Bird)

Photocollage, 30x40 cm., 2014

If having one eye made the Cyclops vulnerable, here, the artist “strengthens” the figure by giving him the two eyes of the  Snow owl. Like, he can see now, even in the night.
This work was done during a five-week residency at Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam.  Porat was confronted with documents and oral testimonies of young people who hid there during WWII and about Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht, who provided the shelter.
Used as raw material, these documents are intertwined with stories and events from the artist's life. Porat created a  visual diary which combines memories and testimonies from the past and the present, articulating the need to tell and share a story.