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Design: Cubicle Design

Shahar Marcus


Leap of faith

Single channel video, 2010, 03:03 min.

This video work is clearly a tribute to Yves Klein's (1959) famous work, Artist Jumps into the Void. However, one should watch Marcus' work to its end and immediately re-watch it. On first viewing, your attention is drawn to the protagonist's preparations, leading to an unexpected leap. On second viewing, one can notice a brief smile on the artist's face. Marcus captures a dramatic scene of himself jumping out of a window; a motion that simulates an upward ascent or perhaps, a moment before the crash.

With humor typical to his work, the artist perpetuates himself in an impossible point in time as an occurrence. The work focuses on that defining moment of spreading wings, an action that contains a great fear of falling and failure, but also the possibility to elevate oneself.