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Design: Cubicle Design

Tamir Zadok


Art Undercover

Still, video, 27 min., 2017
In those moments in front of the mirror, you can't avoid looking straight ahead and gaze at yourself. The proximity to the mirror and the barber's movements make it impossible to focus on the details, there is only a general view of the figure. You know it's you, and yet for a moment it could be someone else.
In the video work Art Undercover, Zadok used a fictional character that he created in order to trace another fictional character. It’s the discovery journey of a family relative whose traces are lost, and at the same time a journey that explores those related to Zadok’s self identity.
Who are you really? In the words of Homi K. Bhabha, your identity changes depending on the person in front of you. This doesn’t mean that you are constantly carrying a number of identities, but rather that to know who you are, you need to have a mirror or someone who reflects yourself back at you, allowing you to redefine who you are.