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Design: Cubicle Design

Yael Azmony



Screening on ceramics vases, in different sizes, 1998

In the past, clay vases were turned into time capsules when artifacts and manuscripts were placed in them for safe-keeping. Some of these vases were created specifically to mark a point in time in the history of a place, of a group of people, of personal stories.

Atzmoni’s main art medium is clay, and in her work ‘Postcards’, she casts her family’s story into clay. Memories embodied in photos are projected on to the vases, and the very process of screening creates a time capsule in which the viewer shares a few moments of the artist's private history.

Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Sobibor, Ramla, Lod, and Auschwitz are some of the locations her family passed through. Photos of these places are projected in a continuous loop. The chronological order is no longer significant, and what remains is a sequence of images, preserving the artist’s own memory.