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A Research Trip to Israel

Israel, March 2012

Planning and guiding the research trip for:
Yvonne Ploum, director of Armando Museum, Amersfoort
Edwin Jacobs, director of Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Reactions museum curators after trip

Raanan Haarlap - a studio visit

Raanan Haarlap - a studio visit
  • Raanan Haarlap - a studio visit
  • At Ein Harod Museum
  • A guide with the artist Matan Israeli
  • Avi Sabah - a studio visit
  • Era Lin - a studio visit
  • Lari Abramson - a studio visit
  • Rani Zaharawi - a studio visit
  • Simon Adjiashvili - a studio visit
  • Tsachi Buchbut - a studio visit
  • At Tel Aviv museum with curator Doron Lurei
  • Oren Ben Moshe - a studio visit
  • Yael Belaban - a studio visit

The six days visit to Israel included different facets of Art life in Israel, visual, historic, Arabic, Jewish, Palestinian and more. The meetings were mainly in ateliers or artists homes in order to allow a close and comfortable conversation and at the same time to get the guests acquainted with the way of life and the places where artists live and create. Each place created interest and caused professional conversations in an atmosphere of mutual interest. All participants exchanged information to enable mutual contact in the future. At the galleries and museums we had professional guiding by colleagues through the collections and the exhibitions of the institutions. Here too there was an exchange of professional knowledge and connections were established. The guests met artists dedicated to their art and saw how many of them are active and committed to their community. They saw works of art in various media: sculpture, painting, photography, installations, video and a combination of them. All with high quality. Some artists are known other less, but all had a chance to show their artwork and be exposed before the museum directors. During this visit the artists had a chance to meet the curious, the scholarly and the experienced museum professionals and through all of that to open a channel for future cooperation.

 Supported by KUNSTENISRAEL, Amsterdam