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Design: Cubicle Design

Food Chain Project

New Dakota gallery, Amsterdam, 2014
Solo exhibition of the artist Itamar Gilboa, curatorship and exhibition design

  • The preparetions
  • The preparetions
  • A detail
  • The exhibition
  • The opening
  • The exhibition
  • Cabbage sculpture, Crystacast with white pigment
  • Cauliflower sculpture, Crystacast with white pigment
  • Ginger sculpture, Crystacast with white pigmen
  • Muffin sculpture, Crystacast with white pigment
  • water sculpture, Crystacast with white pigment

Every day for an entire year, artist Itamar Gilboa kept a log of the food and drink he consumed. The list does not include descriptions of flavors, colors, and aromas, nor does it indicate where the food was eaten or purchased, but only the dry facts, namely—the items of food he ate each day. A food inventory. Nevertheless, it is a list that accounts for the change the artist's body underwent following his move from Israel to the Netherlands, reflecting his attempt to acquaint himself with local foods, and at the same time, continue eating the food he has been accustomed to his entire life.

The work resulted from Gilboa's curiosity regarding his eating habits. He calculated and found that during that year he regularly consumed approximately 150 different products. He created molds shaped as these products and duplicated them, based on the amounts he consumed from each, thereby producing a visual manifestation of the log: 567 slices of bread, 155 lemons, 123 liters of Diet Coke, etc. The result is the installation Food Chain Project : a supermarket of white sculptures, which are groceries stripped of their labels and branding.