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Design: Cubicle Design

Territorial Bodies

Beelden aan Zee museum, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2008
Contemporary sculpture from Israel, curatorship and exhibition design

  • The preparetions
  • The preparetions
  • The preparetions
  • Sketches of the exhibition
  • Ground plan of the space
  • Marque for the space design

In the exhibition Territorial Bodies – Contemporary Sculpture from Israel, the human body serves as a central theme. It is a tool for examining thought processes through visual language. A spectrum of emotions, thoughts and memories come and pass through the body, attempting to touch its essence. Sometimes the body itself is not present in the work of art, and all that is present is a reference to it.

The exhibition presents a local occurrence through the contemporary works of 15 artists from Israel. The artists come from various places in Israeli society: Immigrants who spent part of their life in other countries such as Romania and Russia, Israelis and Palestinian, inhabitants of cities and small villages. With his own personal language, each artist uses body images in order to pose various questions: social and political questions, questions about the past, family and tradition and questions about the borders of identity and self-definition and the power of love and death.

The artists:

Amir Weinberg, Buthina Abu Milhem, Eli Gur-Arye, Galia Gur-Zeev, Erez Israeli , Gil Shachar, Gilad Ratman, Manar Zuabi, Mirit Cohen Caspi, Philip Rantzer, Shuli Nachshon, Sigalit Landau, Uri Katzenstein, Ziv Ben Dov, Zoya Cherkassky